Welcome to SGCE

SGCE is a technology-enabled developer focused on monetizing undervalued energy sources by transforming them into high value products, such as pure paraffinic waxes and zero-sulfur light and middle distillates. The company was incorporated in 2006, integrating ownership, plant operation and our proprietary XTLH® Solution.

We have made substantial investments, optimizing state of the art technologies, securing leading partnerships and performing engineering work for the XTLH® plants.

Now we are on track to launch our first XTLH® plant, a 1,100 bpd facility in Westlake, Louisiana. This will be the first US manufacturer of fully refined Fischer-Tropsch waxes, offering these specialty products directly to North American wax customers. In addition, the plant will also produce zero-sulfur diesel and paraffinic naphtha for use in the transportation and chemicals industries.

We are located at 120 N Munger St, Pasadena, TX 77506.

For more information, please contact SGCE at info@sgce.com.